Anthony Hawke


(needs formating) Anthony Hawke is the heart and soul of The Crucible, he heads day to day operations around the office while editor-on-chief Ebony Wae attends to her other myriad business obligations. Only the most esteemed and competent of employees could earn the trust of Ebony, and Hawke has most certainly done that in spades. If there’s one thing that you’ll notice when you first meet Hawke, it’s that he carries himself with pride. He has worked long and hard, countless thankless hours to rise to where he currently is. Being the most senior member of the staff he considers The Crucible his baby, and like any parent wants only the best for it. Hawke chooses to go by his last name because hawks are majestic and powerful beasts, and he wishes to channel that power wherever he goes. He enjoys the imagery of a ferocious predator that can also fly through the skies with grace, inspiring both awe and fear. Hawke is the type of man who after his morning pick-me-up, is prepared to take on the world. His confidence is unmatched and well earned. When he wants something there is not a thing to prevent him from getting it, and he wants to bring to you the best and most reliable news in Eorzea. Written by Anthony Hawke In reality Hawke is with The Crucible because when the previous staff was all fired, he still showed up the next day and insisted that it was where he worked. Impressed by his balls, Ebony decided to keep him around and let him hire a new staff. He’s incredibly selfish and arrogant, and has problems with drinking, smoking, and many other things. It is completely because of him that The Crucible is trash because he wants to amuse himself with this cushy job he’s landed himself with. His authority is constantly being challenged by Kagome and so they have a bitter rivalry than often leads to blows being exchanged, the two hate each other more than anything else they can possibly feel. The closest thing Hawke has to an emotional connection to someone other than himself is the fact he’s sleeping with Edel Geraldine. He’s also in denial about his drug problem.