Yomiko Kusanagi


(needs formating) Yomiko Kusanagi is an experienced writer with a long history of writing for professional, reputable news sources in her home country of Doma. Beginning as an intern, she worked with distinction for six years at the White Orchard Tribune, whose office was later burned in the Garlean suppression campaign. While at the tribune she learned everything she would ever need to know about professionalism and working in the news industry, as well as developing strong ethical character and interpersonal skills. Once promoted to full-time writing staff, she personally penned several of the office’s most popular articles, exhibiting a talent for knowing precisely what readers needed to know and how to both entertain and inform them in equal amounts. She was then hired to work for the Sunset Times, the most prestigious journalistic body in the entirety of Othard at the time, and was on the fast track to the position of editor. Everyone at the office loved her, valued her work, gave her invaluable insight and advice and helped her grow as a person. The day before he promotion, the building was hit by a Garlean missile, killing everyone inside. Unfortunately, that meant everyone but Yomiko died. Penniless, she sought refuge in Eorzea, but being too weak to lift a sledge and with no combat training she was unable to find employment for months. Starved, in debt, friendless and with a pet cat to feed, Yomiko found employment at The Crucible. Yomiko is a positive influence and a great addition to any team, bringing almost a decade of experience working for the best news sources Doma had to offer. She is fluent in six different languages and no matter what your publication’s target market is, she is sure to be able to help you reach them. All she wants is to make the world a better place with her writing. Yomiko Kusanagi hates The Crucible more than anyone else on Hydaelyn has ever hated anything. Yomiko hates Hawke for his arrogance and complete lack of empathy and for the fact he dares to run this hellscape. Yomiko hates Edel for lacking a backbone and going along with everyone else, making him just as bad in her eyes. Yomiko hates Minaji because she’s a racist piece of shit and everything Yomiko hates about Eorzea in general and Ul’dah specifically. Yomiko pities Mountain Dew because he doesn’t seem to recognize how awful this place is. But more than anything else in the world, Yomiko hates Kagome Voulaizunlezotre. Kagome’s fetishization of Doman culture, her pigheadedness, her idiocy, her complete lack of talent, and how extremely condescending she is are just a few of the million reasons Yomiko wants to watch Kagome die. This was not improved by the fact that on her second night working at The Crucible, the entire staff got incredibly drunk and Yomiko had a one-night stand with Kagome, nor by the fact that Kagome will never stop bringing this fact up. Yomiko has grown completely despondent since joining The Crucible, often wondering if she actually died in fall of Doma and this place is a literal hell she’s been condemned to. Time and again she tries to submit legitimate pieces, pieces that are worthy of proper journalism, and time and again they get sent back with demands that she “punch it up” or “add some spice” or “talk about something interesting, like tree beasts or voidsent”. She is almost completely broken as a person by this point, and spends her free time split fairly evenly between fantasies of working literally anywhere else and fantasies of killing all of her coworkers (except dew) and burning the office to the ground. There is no one in this world made more miserable by The Crucible than Yomiko Kusanagi.